5 Tips for Dating a Non-Vegan or Vegetarian (Tips for reducing meat consumption in partner)


By: Briana M.

Some vegetarians and vegans may not be open to dating on non-veg at all. This can be difficult and limit your pool of options, though. If you are considering dating a non-veg, here are some tips for reducing their meat consumption and some things to keep in mind.

1. Realize that most likely they will not become a vegan or vegetarian just because they are dating you. Make sure you are okay with this situation. You will not be changing your diet by suddenly eating meat to accommodate theirs and likewise you cannot expect them to do the same, even if it is the more ethical choice.  If you date for a long time, there is a good chance they will at least reduce their intake of meat and/or dairy products.

2. Suggest you favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants for dates. This is a good way for them to see that the food can be good! 


3. Cook with them and expose them to new foods, especially foods that can be good replacements for meat. This is another way to let them see how doable a veg diet can be. A couple of my favorite veggie burgers include black bean sweet potato burgers and chickpea butternut squash burgers. Falafel, eggplant, mushrooms, and tofu are all also good filling non-meat foods. If they don’t like something at first, try cooking it in a different way. My husband thought he didn’t like avocado until I had fed it to him several times and now he loves it! So don’t give up. 

4. Let them see certain advantages of not eating meat. If they grocery shop with you they may see how much cheaper it can be to not buy meat. If they begin a conversation about the environment, let them know about how reducing meat consumption positively affects it, etc.food_receipt_shutterstock_39006397

5. At the same time, don’t be too in-their-face or pushy, especially at first. This might push them away in the relationship and also might give them a bad feeling about being a veg as well. I think the best choice is, over time, occasionally suggesting a documentary or book to them to help them understand where you are coming from. If they ask questions, answer them.

Be Kind and Lettuce Love