Best Restaurants for a Vegetarian Date in London


Here are our pick of the best restaurants to take your date out to a nice Vegetarian or Vegan eating place. In no particular order;

1. Tibits – Just off Regents Street, this is a great place to go on a first date. You pay by the weight of your plate, so if you’re a dude reading this, make sure she just has light salad. You’re able to sit outside in the sun, when it decides to come out, or indulge in great conversation indoors. 

2. Mildreds (Soho) – It’s not the biggest place, but the food is exquisite. You’ll both leave with great taste in your mouths. The food here will always leave a conversational topic after you’ve left.

3. Govinda’s (Soho) – You get every sort of food here; mainly Indian, as well as Pizza, and Pasta. There is a nice Spiritual feel about it as it’s underneath a Hare Krishna Temple, but nevertheless, if you can find space in the nice quiet corner you’ll have that intimate feel.

4. Terre a Terre (Brighton) – A Brighton favourite here. 

5. Food for Friends (Brighton) – This place has great Vegan options, and is classy. For a class Veggie date, you need go no further.

If you have your own favourites, then please use the forum to tell the world. 

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