Brand Spotlight: The Elephant Pants


By: Briana M.

Shopping that helps animals? Sounds good to me! The Elephant Pants is a brand that began as a Kickstarter and donates $1-$2 of every item you purchase to the African Wildlife Foundation. The money goes to AWF’s Say No Campaign which attempts to remove the demand for illegal wildlife products like ivory by creating more public awareness.

The pants themselves (and shorts, jewelry, and home goods) can be found at They didn’t get their name solely from their desire to help elephants though, every product they sell has at least one elephant on it. All of their products also have a sort of hippie-vibe to them.

Elephant Pants

Their pants and are both stylish and comfortable- nice for comfortable casual wear and especially great for all the yogis out there. It appears yogis are already flocking to this brand in general. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and they even have a design for kids. The pants have pockets and are one-size-fits-all which can be good for many, but difficult to gauge if it will fit for others.

The jewelry is cute and they also have several options. The store has enough variation in wearable items that you can find something to your liking but also not so much that you have to scroll through tons of pages deciding what you like best. The Home-goods section is more focused on tapestries (and a single stuffed elephant) but they are attractive and varied as well. The items found on this site are a great personal purchase and also a good gift idea for your elephant-loving friend.

Elephants are one of the most intelligent species on our planet. They have been found to be highly altruistic and form close knit societies which humans have been destroying through various means such as culls. Some believe elephants to be the only other species to cry in the same way we do. If you would like to help elephants in other ways you can donate to an elephant sanctuary here in our country (or another). Often you are given the opportunity to “adopt” an elephant. If you would like to help the elephants abroad there are a variety of other organizations as well, and you can research other ways to help also (like only buy fair trade coffee). You can find some of the other various projects that the African Wildlife Foundation is currently engaged in on their website:

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