Dating app for Vegetarians and Vegans


Finally, a dating app for Vegetarians and Vegans. Here at Lettuce Love, we give Vegetarians and Vegans a great way of getting in touch with each other. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Many Vegetarians look for a partner with the same ethics and morals about their diet. Here we have created a great dating network for them to do just that. 10% of the subscription fee goes towards selected animal charities across the globe.

For all you veggies already in a relationship, you can share your stories on our Lettuce Love Forum page, or take part in other discussions. We have built a great way to find Veggie Housemates, sharing fitness ideas and workout ideas for Vegans, or discussions on our planet Earth.

Lettuce Love is a community for all Vegetarians and Vegans to spread love for all living entities, nature, the environment, and each other.

Lettuce Inspire.

Beetroot to your heart.