How to get responses on a Dating App.


We’ve all been there. Downloaded a dating app, sent our brains quota of messages, and then we wait….for five minutes. Immediately our thoughts turn from optimism to downright frustration. We blame the people for not responding, and then blame the dating app for the sake of blaming. Here are a few pointers on how to successfully get responses on a dating app. 

1. Fill in your profile.

There are two reasons to fully fill in your profile. The first one mainly applies to niche dating apps like Lettuce Love. Number 1: A user searches depending on their criteria of match. So a Vegan may only want to search for another vegan. A gay vegan will want to search for another gay vegan. If you don’t fill in every detail in your profile then you won’t be found, it’s as simple as that. Number 2: Give the person a reason to message you, a reason for a good opener by telling them a little bit about yourself. That one thing in common could be the prompt for him or her to reply.

2. The perfect opener:

  • Keeping it simple. No this doesn’t just mean a “Hi, how are you?”. This ones mainly for guys, but girls may also tune in. Think about the amount repetitive “Hi, how are you?” messages a girl gets. It’s the last thing she wants to see unless you’re a Liam Hemsworth (fellow Vegan). After your “Hi, how are you?” add in something unique you did that day that may catch her interest. For example, “Hey, how are you on this windy day? I took up the courage to step out, and went bowling with a few friends, whens the last time you went? Any good?”. This way you’ve even set up a potential first date of bowling 😉
  • Be cocky. This doesn’t mean an arrogant jock. There’s real flirty and subtle ways of being cocky and witty, which shows you’re not that average boring person. For example, you can turn the bowling example into, “I don’t like to brag, but I won, obviously, again not bragging, but we had a second game and I also won that, not bragging, I promise”.
  • Pay attention to their profile. If he/she have their profile filled in then comment on something they’ve mentioned. Comment on their picture, without being so creepy. Don’t say, “Nice eyes, bedroom eyes if I may say so, hehehehehehehehehe” – okay maybe that was a tad over the top.
  • Do not copy and paste. A girl especially can sense a copy and paste message and will not respond, again, unless you’re a Liam Hemsworth. Girls, you may copy and paste, guys will respond to anything.

3. Do not delete the app.

As silly as this sounds, in order for the app to work, it needs the help of single people all over the world, especially with niche apps like Lettuce Love. More people WILL join up. It’s a numbers game. If there aren’t many people on the app, and you’re an active member, then you have the best shot of landing a date. The bigger apps, like Tinder, gives the other person more of a reason to ignore your message.

Happy dating.