WATCH: A horrid Fire Bull Fiesta Festival in Spain


We have seen some stupid things in life, but this tops nearly everything. In the unfortunate video below we see a Spanish festival called El Toro Jubilo Festival, a fire bull fiesta in the town of Medinaceli, Spain. The bull is very forcefully held down by a minority bunch of savage idiots that exist in our species. They then attach flammable material to the bulls horns and set it on fire.

The majestic bull is seen frightened and helpless trying to escape and put out the fire on it’s head as ruthless bystanders cheer on, as if they’re watching real entertainment. The cruelty is second to none and awareness must be raised to stop festivals of this sort.

The bull is a beautiful, and in some parts of the world even a sacred animal. It, just like every other living creature, has the right to live a natural peaceful life, just as much as the idiots that attended this festival.

You can help stop bullfighting by abandoning anything that is bullfighting related, and writing letters, or petitions to the respective governments. Got more ideas, then comment below.

Stop Bullfighting and Lettuce Love!